World Popular Forum

Architecture at the service of the people!

Year : 2022

«You can’t use an old map to explore a new world»

Albert Einstein.

The World Popular Forum is a common place allowing citizens to be part of a real democratic process  and to rewrite the rules of the socio-political-economic game...
It is a concept inspired and extracted from the urban and historical footprint of the place Charles-de-Gaulle formerly called «Place de l’Étoile», in Paris...
A forum built in dyptic based on the architecture of :


> The compass
To align with the «magnetic field» of the dominant thought: the thought of the people

> The sun
To promote learning and knowledge, the legacy of the Age of Enlightenment

In the face of the great upheavals facing humanity, it has become urgent to profoundly transform the very structure of our societies and the relationship we have with nature and the prodigious earth system we are destroying.
The concept of the World Popular Forum was born in response to the countless upheavals of our time; several phenomena have resonated with each other, notably the harmful impact of a certain «upper class» on the entire human ecosystem;