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The hololightkeeper

Holographic Lighthouse


The « hololightkeeper » is a concept of a lighthouse using the holographic technology, an allegory of traditional lighthouse. This innovative solution creates a bridge between the classical maritime lighthouse and new technologies regarding the projection of hologram in 3D.


The starting point of this project was to note that there still remains around the world more or less 1500 lighthouses in activity and that consequently, the lighthouse and the job by lighthouse keeper, as we know them, are declining.

The Studio NAB thus thought about a solution to try to stem the phenomenon, to revive this ancestral job and to modernize the famous concrete monolith such as it is anchored in the collective imaginary, while preserving its aesthetic codes by means of holographic image in 3D.



The project, intended to be implanted on our shores, is a refuge where the guardian will be able to evolve within a cabin of 30 sqm, conceived in light metal framework and benefiting from an envelope in stainless steel panels.

The set resting on a system of reinforced concrete and steel piles, fixed in the hard rock of seabed.

Concerned about the environmental impact of the project, the latter is self-sufficient at the energetic level thanks to the implementation of wind turbine, solar panels and a mini center of desalination of the sea water in drinking water.

The cabin is also thermally insulated thanks to a green roof and walls themselves insulated with natural wood wool.


From the bridge, the guardian takes place in a comfortable accessible volume by a retractable ladder, his housing also acting as workplace, is organized into several distinct spaces. The cabin includes a living and a resting space, a zone of navigation control and a projection space, equipped to the video broadcasting of hologram.

At night, when the guardian takes place to work and guides the boats off the coasts, he can control the holographic diffusion in real time.


Technically, this 3D hologram lighthouse twenty five meters height, is diffused at 50 meters distance from the projection booth by means of holographics cameras. These last are projecting the light on a highly transparent mesh, almost invisible and very reflective in light, fixed on a structure anchored in the sea.

Composed of among others silver, this structure allows to highlight the architecture of a dematerialized lighthouse, and thus develop the necessary lumens to guide boats navigating off the coasts.