New border

A bilateral, democratic and humanistic approach to the border

Year : 2021

> 2330 Miles : That’s the length of the U.S.-Mexico border that stretches from San Diego to Brownsville.
> 807 Miles : This is the length that the wall built on this border occupies today, in 2022.
> 450 Miles : That’s the length of wall built during the Trump administration.
> 16.4 Billion Dollars : This is the amount of money allocated by the Trump administration to fund the construction of the southern border wall, of which 10 billion came from the Department of Defense.
> 36 Million Dollars : This is the cost of building a single kilometer of wall.
> 9000 Dollars : This is the cost of a single corten steel module (excluding maintenance costs).
> 55000 : That’s the number of steel modules currently abandoned and exposed to the sun in New Mexico, Arizona and California, a total of 500 million dollars.
> 147000 : This is the number of undocumented migrants arrested at the Mexican border between January and August 2021, the equivalent of 600 people per day, the highest number since the National Institute of Migration began publishing these statistics.
> 180 : This is the number of endangered species that depend on the migration routes, the corridors that the wall «shears». Among the 1500 species of plants and animals that inhabit the border between Mexico and the United States.