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Nature Winner

What if we let Mother Nature reign right now?


Through the values of sport, this humorous illustrated series aims to question our relationship with competition and, through a rebound effect, the relationship we have with the other animal and plant species that make up "Nature".
Our acts towards this same nature are in the image of our societies, ultra competitive and based on rivalry between beings for access to the material and immaterial resources of an environment.
Beyond the simple notions of surpassing oneself and performance, it is very often the irrepressible will to differentiate through victory and the appropriation of a title or a distinction that governs our actions and motivates us, moreover, often to the detriment of our own existence.
If we lent ourselves to dreaming a little, could we imagine a world where Man, self-proclaimed dominant species, would be able to coexist harmoniously and without an instinct of domination with other living beings constituting his own environment?
At the end of the "match" that is being played out on a planetary level and without surprise, nature will be the big winner and will, whatever happens, have the capacity to regenerate itself even after the decline of the human race. No matter what our actions, distinctions, notoriety or brand image, it will always be stronger than we are when we arrive?
Knowing this, what is the value today and what will be the value tomorrow of our personal achievements, our feats and our will to excel, we Humans, in all fields?
I wonder if our prospects for evolution would not be brighter if cooperation were to prevail over competition and if we were to remove the central role played by the undeniable (but not so natural) competition between species?
One thing is certain, even if the balance between Nature and mankind has not yet been found, all these considerations do not take away the pleasure and adrenaline that "healthy" competition can sometimes give us...