Making the human experience of materiality should be done in a much more calm and respectful way
The leitmotiv
Anticipating and building a post-productivist society by doing more, with less and better

Produce less
Consume less
Own less
Slow down the pace
See the beauty
And be (more) free...
The studio

Nicolas Abdelkader studio's carries out construction and design projects in France and abroad for private companies, communities, associations and non-profit organizations. We are a multidisciplinary creative studio specializing in environmental design, architecture, landscape, urban agriculture and intervene on projects of various scales, from land art to complex urban and architectural programs. Guided by our humanistic values and our desire to protect life, together with our clients and partners, we explore how the creation of spaces and objects can inspire a positive and sustainable intellectual and societal commitment.

The paradigm shift
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Nicolas Abdelkader
Nicolas Abdelkader

Self-taught in the practice of architecture and design, plasterer and draftsman by training, I worked for many years in various architectural agencies as a project manager. My interest today lies in the search for solutions to reintroduce nature into our daily lives. Actor of an ongoing societal transition, I share the vision of a more inclusive, united and livable world. A world where human beings of today and of future generations would live in dignity, respecting their environment and all that constitutes «the living». I firmly believe that there are reasonable ways out of our current situation, a situation created by generations of unreasonable people in the name of growth, profit and hypothetical «progress». This is why I have chosen to focus my work around four axes essential to the stability of our societies, the Nexus: Water, Energy, Food & Education.