Nicolas Abdelkader Photo

Born on June 21, 1984 in Nantes (France), to a French mother and an Algerian father, I live and work between Paris and Touraine (France).
Self-taught, plasterer and draftsman by training, I have been influenced by many years of practice in architecture and design, for various agencies in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

My interest lies in the search for solutions to reintroduce nature into the heart of our daily lives and make us live with it rather than against it.
As an actor of an ongoing societal transition (paradigm of transmodernity), I share the vision of a world that is more inclusive, more united and, in short, more liveable.

A world where human beings of today and future generations would live in dignity, respecting their environment and all that constitutes "the living".
I firmly believe that there are reasonable ways out of our present situation, a situation created by generations of unreasonable people in the name of growth, profit and hypothetical "progress".

This is why I have chosen to focus my work on four areas that I consider indispensable to the stability of our societies, the Nexus : Water, Energy, Food + Education.

With as means of expression, environmental design, landscape, urban agriculture and architecture.