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Experiencial Beer Garden

YAC (Young Architect Competition)


"Interaction, learning, culture, and bonding beer".

This project is resolutely in line with an approach sensitive to man, the history of the place, the work of the land and the ancestral know-how of the beer brewer's trade.

This proposal seeks to promote the diversity of the beer brewing profession.
through a complete process that combines learning the production phases and tasting the finished product, the beer.

A global experience for the visitor: growing, harvesting, brewing and tasting through an architecture that encourages exchanges.

Sensitive to the beauty and potential of the old distillery, this project seeks to preserve this building as much as possible and integrate the new architecture in the best possible way in its immediate context (the park and the road system).

The primary desire is to protect the building from the road system by encasing the latter and creating a vertical extension of the existing structure below street level.

A relationship to the land, the basis of production and the establishment of furrows forming a "green flow" allows the creation of unity with the park and the creation of its extension. It is a protective natural joint between the building and the street.

This landscaped treatment also has the vocation of "learning" to cultivate the cereals essential for brewing beer, it is also a relaxation area where visitors can come and stroll between two activities.

This proposal also integrates the problem of access to the building for the future infrastructures around Via Ronco thanks to the installation of multiple footbridges allowing easy access to the project from the street.

Concerning the internal design, the emphasis is placed on "transparency", generating light and exchanges, the project is entirely open to the park and the surrounding landscape through a façade of sunbreakers.

The façade of the shop is open to the street, the restaurant has direct access to the park and the various elements of the program revolve around a central core "the workshop".

Creating views, connecting the various areas of the program with each other thanks to a free plan and a distribution inviting to discover the place.

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